World famous in Vietnam

The quote comes from a drink called “L & P” (Lemon and Paeroa) which claims to be “World famous in New Zealand”. I think the theory is that you are “the most famous FROM the world, in a small area”. So that’s how I am selling this story … I (and Yi) are World Famous … in Vietnam.

Why ? This…

This is a feature in this month’s “The Word HCMC”, an English language magazine in Saigon. The article is by Scottish journalist Derek Millard and the photograph is by Vietnamese-American photographer Kyle Phamrot. The subject ? Yi and I !

Yes, we are world famous… in Vietnam. That’s just how we roll, you know ?

If you want to download the PDF of this story to read, click here.

Or you can read the entire magazine online here or if you happen to be in Saigon, you can read it at all good restaurants and bars or at the magazine’s offices for free.

Also, could the paparazzi please respect our privacy? We get photographed enough. We need our privacy. K, thx.

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