Why is Vietnam so stupid and reserved

I went out drinking last night in Pham Ngu Lao. First time in a while. Toan was there. It had been raining so I was wearing my big leather jacket… and my leather hat. But… I’d just been to the salon in my alleyway. I spent like two and a half hours there. Well. That’s just how long it takes to make my stupid brown hair be blonde again. A cool Vietnamese barber dyed it for me and trimmed my beard and stuff. I mean, I’ve had cheaper, but he was good and I enjoyed it, and now my hair colour is fixed and I don’t have regrowth. So I continued down the alley to the bia hoi place on Bui Vien. Toan was there. Bastard never answers my Facebook messages or SMS’s. He’s planning to leave pretty Saigon for a job at a furniture importer in lovely Vung Tau. I bet he gets bored of the night life there pretty quick. I give him six months tops before he’s desperate to get back to Saigon.

Anyway, I took off my hat show him my hair, since it was all fluffy and nice after just getting back from the salon. Aaaaand I had my cat ears on under my hat. He rolled his eyes and I was like “What ? Come on. I know Vietnamese are reserved and boring, but seriously… is it that weird ?” He responded “It might take me a bit of getting used to I think”. “So you want me to put my hat back on ?” I asked. “Yes, for now I think so”. He said.

OMG Vietnamese are so fucking boring. You can’t do anything weird here. You can’t have long hair. You can’t dye your hair bright blonde. You can’t go out in cat ears. God forbid I had a studded collar on or a tail or something. Faaaaark Vietnamese people are so boring ! Boring Boring Boring !

I should be in the Philippines. Cosplayers know their shit there. Mainly I went out in my cat ears because I had just had my hair dyed again and they look cute with the fluffy blonde hair. But also yesterday I had written that blog post about Lolilatte Shop in the Philippines. And then the girl who did the website liked my post and I friended her. And then one of Yuichi’s other friends friended me. And I was like “Damn, I try and keep my whole friends list thing really minimal and now I have 4 friends in the Philippines ? What the fuck ? I haven’t even been there yet !”

It was my planned destination this year. I just didn’t go. I’m back in Vietnam. And I sorta hate it. I mean I love it. But I wish maybe I’d gone to the Philippines instead. Because I bet there I could go out drinking with blonde hair and cat ears and not have my friends say “Oh put your damn hat back on you weirdo”.

Seriously, nice place. But the people here bore the hell out of me. No fun at all. This is me sticking my tongue out and saying “Uguu !” at Vietnam.

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  1. Bels says:

    basically, because they live in a socialist republic !

  2. Imagine how it is to live and work here. Basically, they have a tremendous load of guilt and inferiority complexes, So they make up for it in very odd ways. Politeness is the least of their worries because they were not taught it. Stuck in themselves they are, so an act like yours is incomprehensible to them. Their complete lack of contact with the outside world is damaging them to the core. It will take many generations and a lot of changes in the social make-up to have these people a bit educated and set free.

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