Where I live in Saigon

So, I told you that I found a nice townhouse in the Pham Ngu Lao alleyways to rent a room at, right ? Well, here it is. This is my home. The old couple who own the place are very friendly, and the woman speaks at least a little English and takes good care of the place, whipping in and tidying my room while I’m gone, folding my clothes that I’ve left laying around and emptying all the bins.

I am the only room on the top floor (the fourth) and across the landing I have a beautiful big balcony with lovely stone chairs and a table to relax at. For what it’s worth, it costs $15 a night but I haven’t yet negotiated a monthly price, which will be cheaper. I’m hoping for under $400 a month.

There are plenty of hotels that are a fair bit cheaper, but they are hotels. They have staff, not a friendly landlady and typically aren’t as nice and well maintained.

This is where Radio KAOS Saigon streams from

Looking out over Pham Ngu Lao park

Dinner. Cheese, crackers, soju and music videos !

Finally, here’s a video of the alleyway itself.

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