What are the odds of that ?

Weirdest, weirdest thing happened.

When I was in Hanoi, I dropped into a little camera store to buy a tripod so I could take some night shots (which I didn’t end up doing, sadly). When I was there, a Chinese guy came up and said “Hey, are you such-and-such ?” and I went “huh ?” and he goes “Oh no, sorry. You looked EXACTLY like my old English teacher from some years ago. It’s amazing how much you look like him”. I took this with more than a little bemusement as he told me that he was holidaying in Vietnam for a few weeks, and then I took my tripod and left.

Well, a week later and 1700km away, at the other end of Vietnam, I was walking down the street in Saigon tonight when lo and behold, I ran into him again. I was like “Holy shit… what are the odds of seeing you here ?” and he said “Too incredible to be coincidence. It must be fate”. We swapped email addresses and he went on to tell me that he was looking around for business opportunities and that he wanted to start up an odd sort of business.

He wanted to find Chinese wives for foreigners. As in sort of mail-order brides. *shrug* Whatever. That’s not unusual in Vietnam or China, so more power to him. He seemed eager to hook me up with such a wife, but I was none too interested, though I did save his number. Who knows when I might change my mind and go “Hey, I wouldn’t mind a pretty Chinese wife”.

Anyway, weird shit right ? In a country of 100 million people, I run into the same person twice, at opposite ends of the country within the space a week. The odds of that happening must be astronomical !

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