Utada Hikaru – a good waifu

We’ve been talking about Kingdom Hearts a lot on #anime recently and so Utada Hikaru has come up. I also brought the topic up with Stefan about one of her videos. The opening song for Kindgdom Hearts on the PS2 is Utada Hikaru’s “Hikari” or “Light” depending on whether you have the English version or the Japanese. They are both beautiful, but yes, I admit, I prefer the Japanese.

Anyway, in an interview, Utada has been famously quoted as saying that when she gets back home from a long tour or time away from home, the thing she most likes to do to relax and unwind is to do the dishes. So, for the music video of Hikari, that’s exactly what she does. She stands there singing the song, while scrubbing dishes. I think she’s a bit of a weird girl, our Utada. But we love her. You can come to my kitchen any time Utada. I’ll cook, and you can wash the dishes, ok ? Deal ? :”)

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