Tiger Temple, Thailand

[Note: Posted about two weeks later than the event itself]

Tom, the Tuk Tuk driver offered to take me some places tomorrow. Now I know that I could have gotten on a bus and done it with 50 other people and it would only have cost me 500 baht, but Tom was nice and the idea of him personally driving me around showing me stuff felt special, like he was my tour guide and my friend.

The Theravada Buddhist temple, or “Tiger Temple” in Western Thailand, right on the Myanmar border, formed many years ago to support the protection of certain native animals. I wanted to see a Tiger. Up close. Without Australian OH&S laws. I wanted to pet it hug it hehe. But sadly while the grounds are used for that, I saw no visible public access to any of the wild animal areas and it was just the temple itself, which was by no means insignificant I cant tell you !

I’ve seen big sleeping Buddhas before. The one in Nha Trang is pretty cool, but I think this was the biggest sitting Buddha I’d seen and the temples were so ornate and the upper stories covered in bells. I have no doubt that the practice was to ring every single bell in order to bring good luck. I did a pretty good job I think. There were many temples run down and in need of disrepair but you were able to ascend most to the top and look at the magnificent view of the farmland below. You were permitted to ring any bell or gong. I don’t know what they represented but it felt very cool doing it anyway.

I could have stayed longer and explored more, but it was getting late and it was 140km back into Vientianne and I knew Tom didn’t want to be out driving me around all night. However, we next went to the floating markets, what you shall read about next.

But here’s the Tiger Temple.

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