There ain’t nothing like the kisses from a jaded Chinese princess

At least that’s what Jimmy Barnes says in his famous song, Khe Sanh. Well, I was walking up towards the monorail station when I passed a Chinese girl in a very pretty dress having make-up applied on the side of the street. I went into the city and when I came back down Petaling Street I saw a bunch of guys with cameras taking photos of something in the corner of a dirty store-front. Curious, I looked as I walked past and to my surprise, there was the beautiful Chinese girl sitting there on a stool posing for photos.

It was obviously an organised and no doubt paid photo shoot, so it’s likely they didn’t want freeloaders taking photos but she was just so beautiful and she looked right at me so as I walked past I quickly raised my camera and took a couple of photos. Thankfully they turned out brilliantly so I’m going to share one with you. You can click on this photo to see it on Picasa and hit “Actions” > “download” to get the full sized version if you wish. Isn’t she just amazingly beautiful ? A true Chinese princess in my opinion.

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  1. Laneta says:

    So excited I found this article as it made tinhgs much quicker!

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