The weet-bix challenge – Asian style

There is only one thing I enjoy more than seeing westerners trying to do “crazy Asian shit”. And that’s Asians trying to do “crazy western shit”.

This is a video by Just Kidding Films. These guys are Vietnamese Americans, and they’re doing something western, but still foreign to them as American-born kids. They’re taking “The Weet Bix Challenge”.

The Weet Bix Challenge is a classic Australian tradition. Australia has an iconic breakfast cereal known as “Weet Bix”. With milk, the hard blocks of very dry wheat flakes go soggy and become edible. But without milk, they are as dry as a nun’s proverbial. So the challenge involves eating as many as you can in 60 seconds without milk.

Bart Kwan thinks he’s a big man in this comp. He fails utterly. Hahahaha. Aussie kids are tougher than you thought, hey Bart ? That’s coz…

“Aussie kids. Are Weet Bix kids”

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