Old Da Nang and New Da Nang on a Starry Starry Night


It was windy and cold in Da Nang last night. I was alone for Tet. I felt sort of free and alive in the cold night air. I decided to ride up to the headland. It was REALLY windy and …

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Wet shoes on the way to Mieu Ba temple


I’ve been to Vung Tau many times, but I’ve never been to Mieu Ba temple, the small Buddhist temple on Hon Ba island located in the shadow of the Christ of Vung Tau’s left arm which stands on the headland …

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Florentijn Hofman’s giant inflatable duck comes to Saigon


So, this month, Florentijn Hofman’s “art project”, the giant inflatable duck that tours the world (Asia mostly) baffling people made it to Saigon. It’s come down the coast, with a little time looking quite strange in Da Nang beside their new dragon …

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Old motorbikes and duct tape

A long time back when I had to park outdoors at a temporary street-side bike park in order to get to the waterfront for the new years eve fireworks in Saigon, my friend made the recommendation “Always try and park …

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Saigon loses an icon. Wanbi dies, aged 26.


Saigon lost a great man today when Wanbi Tuấn Anh passed away at the young age of just 26 (which would be 25 in westernised terms). But let me step back and tell you how I came to know who …

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Captain Luong and the dog meat restaurant


Every day without fail, Luong goes to the same street bar as me to drink beer. I’ve seen him there for as long as I’ve been living in Saigon. He’s 56 years old and he works as a security guard …

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Sorry.. I’m just a poor rice dumpling seller


Have you seen “Xin loi, anh chi la thang ban banh gio” (Sorry, I’m just a poor rice dumpling seller) ? Aspiring filmmaker Pham Loc made the 25 minute film as his graduation project at film school Ho Chi Minh …

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Nothing changes. Just the price of the beer.


You may have seen my previous article The Old Woman Who Sold Beer on this blog. Well, the story was published this month and it’s wonderful. It’s very slightly different to the version I put online, and it’s sad to …

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Confidence boost

Teaching is great. I love it. I’m even willing to say now that I am a “teacher”. It’s by no means the only thing I am, but right now it’s my primary occupation, and it’s how a lot of people …

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Where are the musicians ?


There is not much live music in Vietnam. Modern music, that is. Traditional music is everywhere, and there are karaoke events and people perform, but it’s not rock music. I mean, there is a scene… but it’s pretty underground. I’m …

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