Daisuki da yo, Suki


~ Anata ga koishikute koishikute (I miss you, I miss you) ~ Zutto Zutto daisuki da yo (forever… forever I will love you) ~ Anata to atashi no shiawase ga mieta yo (I can see our happiness written in the …

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Dancing to Iranian Music

I would prefer to wait until tomorrow to post this when I can add the video, but I don’t have time to upload it. I lent my Galaxy Tab and my charger and power converter to Hamed so he could …

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One last walk through Vientiane’s markets.


I booked my train for tomorrow, so today is my last day in Laos. The evening was warm but not oppressively so, and thousands of people were enjoying the foreshore of the Mekong. It seems odd calling it a foreshore …

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A confession.


It would be wrong, now that Ai-chin is happily married to try and tell her how I felt about her over the years, but now we have some thing in common to be happy about, and I finally decided to …

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The girl with no name


To me anyway. I mentioned previously about this deaf/mute woman who worked at this little roadside cafe on the intersection of two of Laos’ major roads. Sort of the Route 66 Cafe of Laos. I immediately liked the place because …

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I miss you Suki

I’ve been getting pretty reckless lately. Friends have started to make comments about the way I’m living my life. Well I think I know why. A few times recently I’ve been chatting to people and they’ve asked if I have …

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