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“Special Generation” is a fantastic song and one of the debut singles from Tsunku’s Jpop factory… Berryz Kobo. Just so you know the reference. It’s just sort of a song about love and being part of the young generation.

I encountered a funny example of generational gap this week. I was at school and there’s a series of images I’ve been using as pictionary puzzles or flash cards for my students. One of them was an image of a letter that I use before teaching the phrase “I want to post a letter”. I guess in the back of my mind I was aware that “posting a letter” was a fairly archaic concept. But I personally have a letter sitting on my desk waiting to be posted. Well, a card anyway.

After doing this same example many times with older kids and as I am drawing it they called out “Letter !”, I was doing it to some younger kids in about the first and second grade this week. Sometimes that means their vocabulary is poorer or better depending on what school they attend and whether their parents speak English or not.

This particular class, when I drew it on the board had no doubts about what it represented. They all called out in chorus, knowing exactly what it was.

And it wasn’t a letter. It was “E-MAIL !!!”

I suddenly felt old.

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