South Korea “accidentally” catches 2350 whales in 2012

I could attempt to rewrite this, but it was so amusingly and well written I am just going to paste it here. It can be read in its original form here on Sankaku Complex. I will say this though. This story does not make me angry so much as hungry. There. I said it.

South Korea is apparently now as enthusiastic about non-whaling as Japan – official statistics for 2012 reveal that an average of 6.4 whales a day “were caught by accident” in Korean coastal waters, with the official tally reaching 2350.

Whereas Japan studiously maintains the pretence of operating a major cetacean research program which just happens to involve killing large numbers of (admittedly generally unendangered) whales and then selling their horrible meat to whomever can be persuaded to buy it, South Korea merely insists the whales were accidentally caught.

Korean authorities have in recent years began to attempt to regulate the domestic trade in whale meat, leading to more detailed statistics on the amount of accidentally caught and sold whales.

South Korean maritime authorities also pledge to crack down on illegal whaling – which presumably does not include whales which just happened to swim into the nets of fishermen by accident.

Meanwhile Korean politicians have already began discussing starting their own full scale “scientific” whaling program in the vein of the Japanese – although whether their researchers will prove as much of a pushover as the Japanese remains to be seen.

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