Some stuff I swear I didn’t buy

So on my last day in Vientianne I decided to go looking for some new baggage as I had alotof things just in plastic bags, having run out of suitcase space. Like some other travelers I met, I was directed to a big upmarket  department store. It really was very impressive and classy and I sepent a while looking around at things I couldn’t afford.


I fell in love with this nightie the second I saw it. It’s a beautifully detailed designer night dress/pyjamas set with tiny chibi dragons all over it with the words “dragon” and “castle” all over it in tiny writing in different shades.  When I saw it I knew instinctively Suki had to own something so cute and that I was not going to be able to say no. The price was steep but reasonable for a nice brand.

At another cheap store in the markets I saw another set of PJ’s I had to have. Hope they’re not too small by the time Suki gets them. They have cute little cats over them with the word “cat” underneath.

I did buy one stupid thing for me though. Ive been worried about damage to my Xoom, or at least that was my excuse for buying this. The Xoom fits inside it even in the leather case which is cool. I will be the envy of every 12 year old female tablet owner.

I bought a nice designer adult Hello Kitty handbag at a proper bag store. It has that soft, faded look and seems sturdy so I’m keeping most of Suki’s miscellaneous stuff in.stuff in there. I think it’s a really classy bag but I can assure you I have gotten many looks and questions from locals about all my cute cartoon brand merchandise.

I got you two Angry Birds t-shirts and an unlicensed (ie pirate) Hello Kitty scarf. Hope you ever get a chance to use that in Australia.

One more final pick was this cute bear bum-bag thing in whick I am storing all the little items I’m buying her such as erasers, headbands, hairclips and such treasures of the orient.

Your birthday and Christmas haven’t benn forgotten by me this year, they were just postponed until I could get you the things I really wanted.

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