Rain is the curse of ADSL.

I had no ADSL all morning. Last night was patchy too. It’s been raining lots which always means crappy, unreliable ADSL here. I’ve been making do with Mobifone’s 3G but you really get very little data for your money. You have to get a proper data plan with someone like Viettel for decent data. But I’ve been toying with the idea of asking the landlady if I can have fibre installed here. FPT have a promotion at the moment for 25mbit unlimited Fibre To The Home for $45 a month.

There’s already a number of wires into the house from the street as you can see.

It’d just involve an FPT guy coming out and shimmying up the pole and throwing a cable over to the house carrying a piece of fibre. I presume they hang it from the air. I would doubt they run it underground, because a guy had the street open in the alleyway this morning, and I can tell you, the water was up to a few inches below the street level.

I dunno if there was a burst pipe or something, but considering the amount of rain we’ve had recently, we’re probably about to sink underwater. It would be worse. At least I don’t live in Binh Thanh with all the teachers. That area goes under water all the time.

Coming home I just wanted to stay in and drink and eat. I had some Sushi and Sake while watching Spirited Away. I downloaded it for Thao in English and obtained Vietnamese subs so that she could use it to practice her English. Also I just wanted to force her to watch some anime, so this was the compromise we reached. She would watch my anime if she could watch it in English.

Afterwards I was still hungry. Having spent $1.50 on my sushi and not wanting to go out, I thought I would put my true Vietnamese tight-arsery to work and use a trick I learned in Bangkok. I boiled up some Kimchi flavoured noodles (or so they said. Didn’t taste that much like kimchi to me) and chopped up some little pieces of smoked pork sausage that I’d bought at the co-op yesterday.

End result being a tasty and fulfilling meal for about 35 cents. Well, you know… as fulfilling a meal as you can make at home with just boiling water. The point is that the more time I am at home the less money I spend. Also, I like it. Plus the internet is working this afternoon. I might even read a book I bought the other day. There’s a store nearby that has a fascinating collection of books on Vietnamese, Cambodian and other regional history. Thought I might sit on the balcony and educate myself a little.

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