PSY is the Michael Jackson of our generation

That might be a bold statement, some would say. You probably only know PSY from his greatest hits, Gangnam Style and Gentleman, but I can assure you, PSY has been tearing up concert venues for years in the most amazing style. Some like to criticise and say that what PSY does is not “music”, but I think we are well beyond the point where you have to physically play an instrument for 5 minutes to be a musician. PSY writes and carefully refines his lyrics (and ones for others too) and choreographs his own dances while working closely with his music producers. Then he gets on stage and… well, this collection of some of his greatest moments on stage really speaks for itself.

Watch this and then tell me you don’t think PSY is one of the greatest dance performers of our time. How long do you think until we recognise him as the Michael Jackson of our generation ?

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