Places I’d rather be

You know where I want to be right at this precise moment ? I want to be on the banks of the Mekong River in Vientiane in Laos.

Right now, the sun would just be hitting the horizon, the sky would be going dark, and all the lights would be coming on at the markets. The river would be dry as usual with a tiny bit of water right over the far side. That’s where I wish I was right now

It must be nice to be busy, but I don’t want to be busy. I want to sit on the banks of that river and drink a bottle of beer and listen to the cicadas. I would give anything to be there right now.

They would have a big group of people excercising on the steps leading up the main stage area, all listening to loud music and doing stretches and arches and stuff, and people would be slowly wandering around the markets buying pirate dvds and cheap clothes and the foreigners like myselves would be buying old coins and trinkets.

And maybe someone would be celebrating their wedding on the waterfront. In Vientiane they like to take photos in front of the Mekong after their wedding ceremony, before slipping off into the suburbs to drink like crazy. I have a photo of it actually.

It’s a photo of a Chinese couple getting married on the bank of the dusty, dry Mekong in Vientiane. Red flowers, red clothes and a very red backdrop. The only bright things in the picture being their shoes, the pretty white flowers around her head, and the happiness on their faces.

That’s where i want to be right now. Sitting on those rocks there beside the dusty, dried up old flowers growing on the parched riverbank, breahing in the warm night air and wandering around the markets among the smiling faces and pretty lights before eventually disappearing to some bar to drink cheap cocktails or beer and eat delicious food before retiring to a cheap hotel to lay under a fan on a huge double bed and listen to foreign music.

That’s where I want to be.

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