Oppan Gangnam Style flash mob

There have been some great Oppan Gangnam Style flash mobs around the world from people who have just organised to get together, and dance in the street without warning.

I was just involved in such an event… but totally unplanned. I was walking back up Petaling Street to my hotel in the centre of the Chinatown markets in Kuala Lumpur, and I stopped into my friend Roy’s store to say goodbye. His store was CRANKING the viral hit by PSY – “Oppan Gangnam Style”. Two vendors on either side of the street started singing along, yelling out “Heeeeeyyy, pretty laaaady” and crouching and pointing at women as they walked past.

I started singing along and I pumped my hand in the air. Suddenly a Korean guy in a big cowboy hat crouched on his haunches a little and started doing the horse dance. I cracked up and copied him, doing it opposite him. His girlfriend joined in while trying not to laugh uncontrollably. Within seconds, we must have had 20 people in the middle of the Chinatown markets just spontaneously doing the Gangnam Style horse dance.

Un-planned, un-rehearsed. It just went viral in the market place. One person started singing and then another would dance, and the next thing the whole market was going off to the crazy viral hit.

I’ve never seen a real flash mob but the cool thing about this one was that it wasn’t organised. It just happened. One minute everyone is closing up their stores, and the next minute the whole street is dancing to this crazy Korean pop song.

Fuck I love asia.

Here’s a video of a flash mob doing an organised version of the same thing earlier this year in Sydney. I wish I could have filmed us doing it in Chinatown, but noone knew it was going to happen…. it just … went viral, but in real life, not on the internets.

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