Nothing changes. Just the price of the beer.

You may have seen my previous article The Old Woman Who Sold Beer on this blog. Well, the story was published this month and it’s wonderful. It’s very slightly different to the version I put online, and it’s sad to see that the article looks so short in print, but it’s got a gorgeous picture to go with it and the old woman herself was so pleased when I showed her today.

She just smiled and swatted at me in a way that said “Oh you pesky youth”, but I bet she went home and told her whole family “Did you know I have a two page feature in the latest issue of The Word magazine ? I am so famous here !”

I have the most incredible respect for this 82 year old woman who still works every day of the year in the service industry, dealing with drunk tourists all night. I know that I used to think of her as bossy and grumpy, but having come to know her, looking at her face when she smiles makes me feel so serene. She is a very special old lady and truly beautiful for a woman in her eighties. I hope that even though she’ll never read it herself, that the article makes her feel like she has some level of respect in the community. What 82 year old woman wouldn’t be proud to know that she’s being held up as an example of a lovable icon in one of the biggest cities in Asia ?

Here’s a picture of her article. Only low-res though. If you want a better one, hop along to and checkout the April issue online !

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