Nam and Lynne’s story isn’t over

I wanted to give an update on anyone who has ever followed my stories about Nam and Lynne. I won’t rehash the story for those who don’t. Well, if you read my recent blog post on about them you know that their caretaker was arrested and sent to prison and the kids were to have been sent home.

I was devastated. These kids had been on the street here since 2007, since Nam was little more than 5 years old. Now they had gone.

But this afternoon I was out drinking for a little and across the road I saw Nam in a yellow shirt, standing no more than a couple of inches taller than he was at age 5, waving at me. I was like “OMFG. GET OVER HERE” and waved at him.

He came over and said “Hello. Long time. We are going today”.

“To Hue ?” I asked. He nodded. He looked behind him.

“Lynne coming too”. He ran off a few stores down and came back with Lynne by the arm. She wore a cute pink dress and just smiled at me and said “Bye bye David”. I tried to hold back the tears and I said “So. You are both going to Hue ? To family ?” I asked, looking at Nam.

He looked at the ground and said “Yeah”.

“You looking forward to it ? You like Hue ?”

“No” he said, still looking away. As I suspected, moving back to Hue was not on their list of fun things to do and I doubted that it was really to live with family.

I said “I will come up to Hue in a couple of months and look out for you. I’m sure I’ll find you there”. Nam smiled and Lynne grinned and said “Bye bye” again.

After they left I sat back and thought how incredibly thankful I was that I had been there at that moment, just as they were headed for the bus, saying their final goodbyes in the street where they had lived and worked for almost 6 years. Happy to have known two such great kids.

I hope their life isn’t so bad back up north. But I will go up and see. Hue isn’t a huge city and the tourist area is small. These kids, coming from Saigon and speaking good English are going to stand out. They won’t be hard to find again. Cheers again to Nam and Lynne and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

Their story isn’t over yet.

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