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I’ve not really been actively searching for foreign currency since I’ve been here this time. I forgot all about the coin club and I haven’t even thought to ask any foreigners I met about currency, until Noni and the Polish guys I met first brought the subject up and I remembered how much I wanted to get some foreign currency.

Especially after those Japanese guys had no VND and had to give me a bunch of Yen. that was really cool. So I’ve still got one more country to go. I’ll be spending a week in Malaysia and it’s possible I’ll pick up soething new from there, but here in this collection you’ll see:

US Dollars
Japanese Yen (Notes and a range of coins)
Sigapore Dollrs
Cambodian Riels
Laos Kip
Indonesian Rupiah
Chinese Yuan
Singapore Sen
Polish Groszy

There’s also a card full of really old Vietnamese coins from French and Chinese rule but I forgot to include it in the photo. Next week I’ll add some Malaysian Ringits to that pile as well as maybe something else new and interesting.

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