Memorial service for murdered Korean girl Eunji Ban today

Today was a hard day for the parents of 22 year old Korean youth exchange participant Eunji Ban today as they attended the memorial service for their murdered daughter in Wickham Park in Brisbane.

Eunji was walking to her job as a hotel cleaner on Sunday morning when a 19 year old man attacked and murdered her in the nearby CBD parklands. Her parents attended a memorial ceremony where the Lord Mayor spoke and tried to ask the family not to blame Brisbane for what happened.

Eunji’s death was trajic and apparently without sexual motive and there has been no mention at this stage of a robbery leaving people to wonder why a beautiful young girl only six weeks into her exchange program was brutally murdered for no reason.

Family and mourners turned out to hear the memorial speech which was held partly in English and partly in Korean with a translator present to translate both languages. Many people turned up just to pay their respects, both Koreans and Australians. Scott McQuillan attended to say “My wife’s Korean … we just wanted to come down and say a quick prayer and put some flowers down”.

A beautiful life cut short by a young girl who thought that perhaps she would find hope and happiness in Australia only to be confronted with undeserved violence which ended her life too soon leaving many around the world wondering what is wrong with Australia which results in so much violence and so many young girls ending up dead. Questions need to be asked about how Australia is dealing with these situations and why citizens are engaging in such horrible violent acts without repentance.

Australia’s harsh treatment of the most minor crimes and the most lenient treatment of the most heinous leaves many wondering what is wrong with the Australian justice system. With assaults, robberies and murder becoming so commonplace, with two beautiful young foreign girls being cut down in the prime of their life in the space of a week, many are asking “What is going wrong in Australia ?” and leading many to reconsider whether Australia truly is a safe and beautiful place to visit. Whether this will impact on tourism from Korea remains to be seen.


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