Kun John flirting with French girls

Kun John, our manager has a Facebook page for his lodge, but it’s really just a personal page where he posts photos of fun times we have or people who visit. I myself have a new tradition. Whenever anyone new comes to visit, even for a night, I take their photo and print it on my Polaroid printer and I stick it on the kitchen door. We’re building a cute collection and I think new guests love to sit down at John’s table and look at these hilarious photos of people having fun here. I think it lets them know what a communal and close knit family we are here.

I was on John’s page today and I saw he had a couple of photos of the French girls that I didn’t have, showing off with them. They were funny as hell so I picked the best two and added them to my gallery, so here they are. Oh, and one more CLASSIC photo of me, Kun John, Hamed and Misato. Fuck we look happy don’t we ? Happy Days. Is it any wonder I don’t want to return to Australia ?

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