Kingyo Chūihō !

Kingyo Chūihō, or “Goldfish Warning” is a fairly long-running shoujo anime that aired throughout the early 90’s with a very silly premise. But that’s nothing to do with this story.

Sometimes you’re out and about in Vietnam and you see something new, or something just jumps in front of you and you think “Hahaha, that’s so Vietnamese”. One of the things that pops out on the road is the crazy array of things that gets carried on motorbikes. From huge steel girders to twin tub washing machines, from stacks full of live chickens to … bagged goldfish delivery, you see it all.

And that’s what I saw the other day on the way to work; a motorbike stacked high with rings of various coloured goldfish and other tropical fishes in bags full of water. When you see things like this, sometimes you just chuckle. Other times you are following someone carrying this sort of thing and you think “I really have to take a photo of that. People will love that”. I wish I had a higher definition camera in my cheap Samsung phone because that’s all I had with me the other day when I saw this. Still, I was happy to at least capture it at all.

Wholesale goldfish delivery, Vietnam style.

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