Kids react to K-pop !

“Kids react” is one of the funniest shows on YouTube. I’ve posted videos of it before on one of my other blogs. But how do kids react to Kpop ?

They love it. Well, apart from that one little bastard (William) who thinks the world is gonna end because of Kpop (he actually says that in the outtakes video which you can find on YouTube). I wanna punch him in the face. But the rest of them loved it. And who came out the winner in their survey ? SNSD !!!

Yeah well, someone showed Park Bom, the lead singer of 2NE1 the video. And she seemed sorta hurt. “We are not weird and I do not look like Lady Gaga !” is basically what she says.

You wanna hear how a South Korean teenager reacted ? OMG he is so funny. He basically spends 8 minutes just RAGING at William over how much he hates him for his stupid opinions. And dude. I agree. William’s a wanker and he needs to be shot. How could he NOT like SNSD ? How is that HUMANLY POSSIBLE ?!

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4 Responses to Kids react to K-pop !

  1. Mum says:

    love reading your blogs and also your music videos.

  2. Lyddy says:

    This wesibte makes things hella easy.

    • Leny says:

      congrats to snsd~ they truly are the girl group of korea btw lee mikyung isn’t a jpop sgnier lol she’s the one that is like in charge of CJ Entertainment & Media. the one that is behind mnet and everything ><;

      • pawz says:

        Cool. Thanks for the heads up. I mean, I was SO fucking lucky to get backstage with SNSD when they performed in Sydney, as a journalist, and my friend in the audience caught a rose from Sunny and read up on how to preserve it. Then another friend who lives in France saw them perform in Paris and his mind was blown. He did the same as me, he would just come onto IRC every day and just yell “GEE GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY !!!!”

        God bless the 9 angels and their wonderful talent. Honestly, they’re not my favourite group in the world (that honour goes to that Japanese singer Otsuka Ai) but I am huge fans and I mean, there is NOTHING that SNSD release that isn’t bloody awesome. They just don’t do crap songs. SM Entertainment are just so fucking good at what they do, they are managing SNSD perfectly. You know, when I walk through the malls in Bangkok, past the places with music video DVD’s outside, there is ALWAYS a “Girl’s Generation” DVD displayed prominently, right in the line of people’s vision. I joked that if you went to a Malay or Thai DVD store owner and said “I’ll sell you a MILLION Girl’s Generation DVD’s” he wouldn’t hesitate to say “OK” because he just KNOWS he can sell them. They must sell a dozen a day sometimes. Malaysia and Thailand are just fucking NUTS over SNSD and Kpop in general. I really appreciate that, because in my experience, 95% of people simply cannot stand music with foreign lyrics, but here… I guess they just take it for what it is… great bloody music !

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