In Asia, “Young” is just a name

I told you Hoa wanted to set me up right ? Well, she hasn’t been home today, but the maid has, and she invited the girl and her sister over to meet me.

The girl herself didn’t talk too much. She is shy and afraid her English isn’t good enough. You know what she’s studying ? To be a veterenarian. She says just for fun, becauase she loves animals so much. I swear I think I fell in love with her from that statement alone.

Her sister and I chatted for a long time, but I had to go pickup my phone from Number 5 where I accidentally left it last night. Vung stored it safely in the safe for me. She’s a good girl. Buddhist to the core. I bought her a small Buddhist bracelet as thanks. Pretty feeble gift for saving my 15 million dong Galaxy Note from being stolen, but it meant something to her because it had Buddha on it and we shook hands and I said “Vung. I hope you are still here next year. I look forward to seeing you again” and she said “Me too David. Glad you got your phone back. Take care and come back soon ok ?”

I nearly cried over this parting. As I walked out of the bar, I had to hold back to the tears. Vung ws always the most respectable, honest, and deeply religious of all the waitresses at Number 5.

But Vung, she’s a friend. Young, (ok it’s probably Youn) however. She is looking for a husband. This is a real date. No bullshit “I want to be your girlfriend and by the way my mother is sick” bullshit. A real date, with a real, beautiful, young (pardon the pun) Vietnamese girl who wants to figure out if I could possibly be the man she wants in her life.

We’re going to the cinema at Diamond Plaza and then out for ice cream. Wish me luck :”)

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