I’m fine, thank you – Ladies’ Code

A very sad week for Korea. The new and much loved Kpop group Ladies’ Code suffered a terrible tragedy this week when their tour van crashed into a supporting wall on the highway while returning to Seoul from their tour.


EunB died at the scene and six other passengers were rushed to hospital in Suwon. Sojung’s condition has stabilised but after four days in intensive care, Rise has also passed away.

To lose two such beautiful stars from the same group in less than a week has shaken Korea and caused an outpouring of grief all over the world with news of their death hitting news outlets all over the world.

After the tragic deaths, the song “I’m Fine, Thank You” topped many musical charts in Korea. It’s a beautiful song, and if you are lucky enough to catch it on YouTube it has one special feature where the uploader and fan-translator has made each singer’s face light up when she is singing her lines.

It was after seeing this that I decided to make this image from the video. There is no particular moment in the song when only EunB and Rise sing, but I made this anyway to represent their contributions.

Best wishes and our hearts are with the rest of the group and all their family members. I am sure we all hope that wherever the girls are know that they are fine, thank you.

You can listen to their song here.

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