I’m a creep

No, not me silly. I’m adorable. I’m talking about the Radiohead song “Creep”. It’d probably sound a little bit odd if sung by a girl right ? Well, how about a Japanese girl ? Here’s Angela Aki covering it. Quite beautiful.

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  1. Affinity says:

    I love these articles. How many words can a worsmdith smith?

    Well, In six weeks in Vietnam I wrote over 1,000 pages in paperback form. Since starting my original blog three years ago I have written well in excess of half a million words. That’s three times the size of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. So yes, a lot ! :”)

    • Arina says:

      idk there are some realllly young kpop girl guoprs too like gp basicbut normally jpop girls debut at young ages while kpop girls at the same age are preparing to be ready to debutjpop girl guoprs just come out and show consultation their improvements as years passwhile kpop girl guoprs like to come our ready

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