I love feedback :)

When I posted my new website onto IRC yesterday, some people liked it. Some people laughed so hard they said it hurt. One person said “I really don’t think anyone cares about your stupid conversations with your wife. Get a writing style and make it interesting. Noone wants to read these boring snippets of your life”

I said “I have other sites too where I post much longer, more in-depth stories. I have several million views across my 8 blogs and I get comments all the time from people from all over the world just saying that they love the things I write about”. They said “Whatever. Sure you do”. But I don’t need to prove it. My site proves it itself.

I get so many emails and comments about my stories about shopping for manga and jpop and anime in Kuala Lumpur and my stories about street food there. Some people tell me they’ve been following my stories for years and they ask things like “My wife loved this amazing Thai rock singer who always wore a bandana and sunglasses. I don’t suppose you know who it is ? You seem to know all about Asian music and culture. Do you know his name ?” “Yes,” I replied. “That could only be the famous singer, Karabou”.

But the comments I love the most are the ones that come from Vietnam. After I posted some photos and a story about eating out at a beautiful restaurant in District 8, a girl I knew from Google Plus messaged me and said “I’m so embarrassed to ask this of a foreigner when I have lived here all my life, but where is that restaurant ? It looks so beautiful. I want to go there”.

Another Vietnamese person commented and said “You can definitely see your expertise within the work you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.”

Someone else recently commented: “I got to know your blog from the An Phu expat forum a while back but only got to read most of it recently. I like your deep passion for humanity (your story on making Nam cry touched me very much as did the stories on Suki) and openness in learning from all level of societies. Looking forward to read more snippets on life in Vietnam of which I don’t get to see much.”

Sometimes one negative comment can crush you. But all I have to do is look back to the many people from around the world who have personally emailed me or sent me comments and said how much they appreciate my insights into Asian life and culture. I just look at my website stats and see what a large percentage of my visitors are return visitors and how many return regularly, some times as much as every single day and then I feel better.

Someone’s always going to hate what you do and tell you it’s shit. Sometimes because they just don’t like it. Sometimes because they’re mad that you’re achieving or producing something while they’re just wasting time. Sometimes they’re just jealous because your life sounds more interesting.

Fuck em. Don’t let one person ruin your passion for something when there are so many others willing to say “All the time follow your heart”. <3 my readers.

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