I listened to this song.

U2 – I Went out Walking

This song is about developing countries. It’s about love and the fact that it knows no boundaries. But it still has its limits. I got this album for my 18th birthday and I was both hateful and thankful for what my parents did in tearing me apart, thousands of kilometres from my childhood love, who to this day, I have a really fucked up relationship with which will never truly heal.

But normal means nothing other than where you are. I first heard this song and it was about travel. Later it became to me about poverty, Godless-ness and many things.

This song is beautiful and it has meaning and even though you might not think of it as South East Asian, I do.

God bless Bono and Johnny Cash for making this song. Many people love this song for so many reasons, and I personally, I thank my Dad, because I know he selected this album with painful deliberanace, and when I received it for my birthday I laughed and said “I Fucking HATE U2” and he joked back “Fine. I fucking hate you too. But at least take the album”.

In subsequent years the gift became far more valuable. My father and I grew closer, and that album became far more to me than a collection of music he bought at one point in time. It became personal. And I love this album very much. and even though it represents the tearing of my parents from West to East Australian society… to me… it means much more.

Just like The Joshua Tree was a seminal album to my parents, and even to me to this day, Zoooropa did in fact move me and change my life in subtle ways. When I played “The Wanderer” for Noni the African girl the other night I had no doubt she was goin to exclaim “Oh my god I LOVE this song !!”

It’s a song about searching. Searching for you. Whoever you are.

When my mum finally goes, if she has no other requests, I know what she wants played at her funeral.

The first is:
“Where The Streets Have no Name” – U2
(In years past I might have chosen “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” from the Rattle and Hum, but I have a firm belief that by this time, you have well and truly found what you were looking for)

The second will and always will be “Satellite of Love” – Lou Reed.

The third… you know… my Mum was a HUGE fan of Nirvana’s unplugged album. I think “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam” or “Lake of Fire” off that album would be great.

Hope you are around so many years that these songs become old-hat and I have to choose new ones, but it’s always important to know the most meaningful songs to your family.

The last one, I hope I have at least a decade to think about. I know we’re angry at each other right now now mum, but I still love you, and listening to “The Streets Have No Name” makes me think of no other person on this earth like it makes me think of you. I love you. Josh got several songs from the same artist. Would “Helter Skelter” be out of place ? I dunno. That’s a song I want to enjoy with you in person, not when you are passed. I know how you loved it so. Next time I am in Australia or your town, let’s have a glass of Bundaberg Rum and listen to “Helter Skelter”.

Deal ?

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