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I never quite recovered when Kawaii Radio shut down. It’s not that I listen to a HEAP of streaming radio. But if I was ever walking to the shops, I would have it streaming. Since the first day the iPhone 3G hit Australian shores, every time I left the house for more than ten minutes I would have a smartphone in my pocket streaming Kawaii Radio. When it shut down I just stopped listening to online radio. AnimeNFO is a good station but it just wasn’t Kawaii Radio.

I found a new station this morning that shows promise. It’s part of a large network based in Hong Kong and it has a lot of stations. It has dance, trance, chill-out, 90′s, 80′s, indie and even Christian Pop stations. But the one I clicked on was “Asia Hitz”.

Since when I first started getting into Asian music my tastes have expanded a lot. It was exclusively Japanese for years, then I got heavily into Korean music. Now I am really excited when I hear some good Chinese hip-hop or some Thai metal. Anyway, if you want to try some new Asian music of a variety of flavours, check out

Their Asian music stream is here:

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