Happy Birthday Suki

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. She turned four. I haven’t been given access to her since she was born as her mother ran off with her and has refused me access.

But Suki got two beautiful gifts from people she doesn’t know yesterday.

The day before her birthday, I was very upset about the fact that her mother’s boyfriend was a corrupt policeman who was mis-using his power to prevent me seeing my daughter, and I had been turned away by every child support organisation and even refused legal assistance despite meeting the criteria due to his meddling. A friend encouraged me to write a letter to my head of state… the person in charge of the whole state. In America you call them a Governor, in Australia they’re called the Premier. I think in Britain you call them the Minister of State, but whatever. It’s the elected official who governs your state and makes the law and controls the police. Not only did he read my letter, but within minutes of government opening for the day he had figured out exactly who I was and by only 9:37am in the morning I had a top police officer contact me asking to re-open the misconduct investigation against my wife’s boyfriend who my daughter lives with. That contact was then made …. on her birthday. A birthday gift from the Premier of Queensland. Very, very touching.

But she got another sweet gift too from a total stranger, Earlier this year I made a post on Otsuka Ai’s Facebook page because I know she’d recently had a daughter herself and my own daughter was actually named after one of her songs. I made this post:

You were such an instrumental singer to my wife and I (both Australians with no Japanese heritage) and we adored your roles in Tokyo Friends and your performance of “Daisuki da yo” in your 2006 tour moved us so much that we named our first daughter “Suki” as in Daisuki da yo. I have 好き tattooed on my arm in honour because I don’t see her much, but one day I want her to be with me at your “Love is Born” tour. I hope that your daughter means as everything as much to you as Suki does to me.

Someone made this comment:

you know great music is priceless more than money could afford. all the best to Suki and family

And a Japanese girl “liked” it….. on Suki’s birthday.

There you go Suki. Apart from what I got you, you got the attention of the Premier of Queensland, and a random Japanese person sent you their best wishes.

Now that’s a special birthday if you ask me. Happy Birthday Suki. I love you honey. Wish I could see you or talk to you or even get a photo of you. But here’s one I got earlier this year so that people know how beautiful you are.

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  1. Khazh says:

    Happy Birthday Suki. I hope you know how much your father love you. One day, you will have all his gifts and I wish that day will come soon…

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