Happy Birthday and congratulations, PSY !

I don’t think this photo needs any explanation. I find it hard to believe there is a person on Earth who could not know who this person is right now and why he’s in this photo.

He posted on his Facebook a few minutes ago:

Leaving Vegas, Heading to NYC to spend my b-day in Time Square tomorrow!!! #GangnamFinale lol

You go PSY. Your music might not really be the most emotionally powerful, meaningful, or technically brilliant on the planet or even in Korea. But props dude. You did something noone else has ever done in history. You got a billion views on YouTube and you made every person on planet Earth know what the abbreviation “Kpop” meant when previously most had no idea. You became so popular that people thought that your incredible fame actually spelt the end of the world.

Happy Birthday and congratulations PSY. I fucking wish I was in Times Square to celebrate with you because I bet it’s going to be the party of a lifetime. If it is the end of the world then at least we can all go out dancing… Gangnam Style :D

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