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It’s hard for me to get take-away for me and my Vietnamese wife together. There’s a lot of things that we each don’t like. I love udon or ramen soup, but I hate phở. She is the opposite, so we mostly can’t order noodle soup from the same place.

We mostly agree on white rice, and cơm heo nướng or gà chiên is a bit of a staple takeaway at 25.000đ with a dozen places within walking distance from the centre of Bui Vien, but that gets old quick. Fried rice is more difficult. I’m not a fan of the poorly cooked cơm chiên around here, although she doesn’t mind it.

I like fried noodles, but we both agree that the mí xấu sold around Phạm Ngũ Lão is rubbish. The one exception is the Singapore Noodles at Lam Cafe on Bui Vien which are pretty good value. We have so much trouble finding a restaurant we agree on that when I found out she’d never been to a Cơm Tấm Cali before we spent all day driving around trying to find one because I thought we’d finally find a place we agreed on. (I never found it. My local one moved)

So today, I went out early with the challenge of bringing home a breakfast that Yi didn’t turn her nose up at or complain about. She is very discerning and if she doesn’t like anything about a place, it gets voted down several spots in the personal TripAdvisor she keeps in her mind and she will veto any dinner suggestion that has recently been rated by her as “too expensive”, “too slow”, “old ingredients” or “food not cooked good”.

I chose FastNood, a new franchise-style take-away noodle and rice place on Cống Quỳnh we had walked past many times. First off, FastNood is just it’s name suggests, fast. I had two boxes of noodles in my hands in less than 60 seconds, custom made. It took longer for me to decide on what to eat than it did for them to cook it.  It’s also clean. And they have a really simple menu. Choose from no less than 9 awesome types of noodles or two rice options, then add one or more of 11 different vegetables, and 11 types of meat, and then one of 9 sauces from different countries. There’s no agonising over different types of set meals. You just get exactly what you want the most.

So.. how did my challenge of pleasing us both go ?

I’ve been hanging for an udon fix since Itsumo closed down, and my favourite Vietnamese meat is đà điểu (ostrich) and I threw in some bok choy and Japanese sweet soy. I nommed it down in seconds and it was exactly what I’d been craving. 9.5/10 (lost 0.5 points for smallish quantity).

For Yi I chose fried phở with with a “Sai Gon butter sauce”, zucchini and xá xíu because I know that’s a favourite of hers that isn’t cooked so well in our area. Firstly, the box fascinated her, because she’d never had a noodle box before. Seriously. I know that’s weird, but she’d never ordered noodles in a box. She had to ask me “Do I eat it in here ? Won’t the sauce run out the bottom ?”. I gave her the full history of Chinese noodle-box culture before she ate. I was waiting for her to criticise the serving size. “No, It’s alright”, she said. She then remarked about the zucchini and said “This vegetable is delicious. No one around here put this one in mí xấu”. “And the xá xíu ?” I asked. “Perfect” she replied.

“So what is your score out of 10 ?” I asked her.

“9 out of 10. For 40.000đ it is a little bit expensive. But they cook fast, taste so good and so many thing to choose from”.

FastNood’s large variety of noodles, meats, vegetables and sauces from such different cuisines really does let you satisfy two different people’s tastes easily. No more compromises, you can have Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese style noodles or rice or choose your own combinations. You can have as many or as few meats and vegetables as you like, with the prices set out into easy to understand groups. This place is very quick noodles, made exactly the way you want. There’s also some specials and combo deals to satisfy the frugal Vietnamese woman in your life. The first take-away place that gets a 9.25 average vote from both of us. :)

Fastnood are at 123 Cống Quỳnh, just off Bui Vien in District 1. They have free delivery and a great website which is, unfortunately, in Vietnamese only for now.


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