Family values in SE Asia. A friend flies home to save his mother


A Taiwanese friend who lives in Saigon posted this Facebook update this week. I thought it was a beautiful and touching story about South East Asian culture and the importance of family. I wanted to share it with you with the permission of its author, Philip.

I dropped my entire life in Vietnam for a flight to Taiwan bought same day departing just hours away for one reason alone: To save my Mom.

I wasn’t sure if I over doing it, but upon arriving to my door at Taiwan, I realised I was meant to do what I did. Key was suppose to be under the rug but nowhere to be found, no answer from the door, no answer from sister calling in a thousand times. I could hear the ringing from outside, I could see inside by jumping the door, lights were on but no activity.

Locksmith came, broke into the house as if the door wasn’t even locked in the first place.

At first I didn’t find anyone, I thought maybe Mom already checked herself into the hospital which would’ve been nice. Until I saw a pair of legs hanging outside of the bathroom door. Her laying on the floor like a dead body.

i lift her body up in shock and placed her in bed. Ambulance comes and right away after landing in Taiwan instead of going home, we live in ER for the next 2 very long days. I saw people with stroke, saw people die, saw people cry.

They fixed her…. then both my parents check in to an advanced hospital to continue treatment. Dad started having internal bleeding for some reason and now both are hospitalised.

The hospitals fix both…. both are released… for now.

Im glad I came when I did, Im glad I had strength so I can protect them with all of my will. Now they are both home and both look really healthy and happy.

I prepare to head back home to beautiful sexy Saigon Sunday. I hope they will be ok for a while, thank you God for letting them stay alive for now and giving them all the care and protection they received and for all the help God placed with us the entire time I was here doing my best to rescue them both as I know they would’ve given up everything to do the same for me. Just as Dad and Mom always taught us… by example.

I wish Philip’s parents the best in their recovery and the utmost respect to Philip for doing what he did to be there for them

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