Digital TV in Vietnam

I get good digital TV in my place in Saigon. I don’t know if it’s satellite or terrestrial DTV though to be honest. But there is one thing I have noticed. Last year I was addicted to YanTV. The channel that used to entertain me day in and day out with non-stop music videos from Vietnam, and sometimes Japan and Korea.

But the Yan TV I have now on digital is not the same. This channel has mostly documentaries. Typically it has hours of fashion shows every afternoon. My last hotel still had the old analogue channel, but my new apartment has only the digital channel and not the analogue.

Where is my old Yan TV ? I used to be glued to SCTV2, but increasingly I find myself watching SCTV11, the channel that relays Korean programming. Poor form Yan TV. Please bring me back the awesome 24 hour music videos and awesome JK Mania period that used to wake me up with SNSD and After School last year at 3am every day. You blew my mind, but now, you are not there for me.

I love KBS and M-net, but I miss the old Yan TV !

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