Crikey ! It’s Steve Irwin Day

I know this isn’t really a South East Asian topic. It’s Australian. But I don’t care. People all over the world loved Steve Irwin and he is just as popular in SE Asia as anywhere else in the world.

Steve died shortly before my brother died, and two of the last things he ever posted on his MySpace page (yes it was that many years ago that he passed away) was tributes to two Australian icons who had recently died. Peter Brock, Bathurst champion and “King of the Mountain” and Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve, though I did meet his best friend at one point. I also met his wife Terri and his two kids Bindi and Bob. They are all amazingly inspirational people just as Steve was.

Today is Steve Irwin day. So in respect for this great Australian and hero around the world, everyone should try and say “Crikey” just once today. Rest in Peace Steve and the same to my little brother Josh who died only shortly after. No, today isn’t the day Steve died. He died on September 4th. But today is the day we recognise him. Later this month will be a day for my brother Josh. Two great Australians who are sorely missed.

Here’s a snapshot of my brother’s MySpace page as it existed on the day he died.

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