Cosplay needs at Lolilatte Shop in Manila

Cosplay’s cool. I love cosplay. I mean, beyond a pair of cat ears and sometimes a tail, I don’t do it. I’m an overweight white guy. We are meant to look at cosplay. Doing cosplay is for the tiny, Asian girls. Anyway, I sorta know this girl in the Philippines from DeviantArt and Facebook called Yuichi. She took a photo for me once and I gifted her a year’s DeviantArt membership. Anyway, HER friend, sells cosplay goods online, from Manila. She runs a cosplay store called “Lolilatte Shop” where she sells wigs and costumes and stuff.

Anyway, if I’m ever in Manila and I desperately need a pair of cat’s ears or something, you can be pretty sure the owner of Lolilatte Shop would be the first person I’d contact. So because I follow her on Facebook, and my friend Yuichi is one of the cosplayers featured on the homepage, I have to plug them. So if you’re into cosplay, regardless of where you are from, check out Lolilatte Shop and contact them and see if they have what you need. They deliver.

Lolilatte Shop

Cosplay needs from Manila

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  1. jonathan advincula says:

    hi.we are looking for snow or ice queen, warrior or princess themed cosplay costume for my 5-year old daughter. Maybe NEO QUEEN SERENITY of Sailor Moon or if you have better suggestion or have available costumes for my query. But if made-to-order, can you finish the suit on Sunday Sept 23? or if its too rush, can you finish the dress (only) until that date, then just continue and finish the whole suit before sept 29 ..thanks..hoping for your immediate response :)

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