Chasing The Sun

You know I bought a lot of mostly Thai music at the pirate market stalls recently, but when my laptop broke I lost the ability to listen to any of it. So I went to an internet cafe armed with my discs and some SD cards for my tablets and music player.

I copied only enough to fill a fraction of a card before I was forced to return home sick, but I got a lot of great music. The first Few I copied was an mp3 collection by Thai band “The Sun” and I simply cannot express how their albums moved me.

IT was like the first time I ever listened to Metallica and those heart-chrunching notes hit me for the first time. There were songs like an original Beatles song. There were songs that reminded me of Oasis. Yet all of this was still with a heavy Thai influence and Thai lyrics that I couldn’t understand but I would find myself so deeply moved by their songs that I would check my player to see if it was still them and what the track number was since I couldn’t understand the Thai names. They had four albums on the few with over 90 tracks and they got progressively heavier as the band moved from their hard rock melodic roots to their downward spiralling metal trip of Dave Mustaine infused grinding guitars to their Yngwie Malmsteen soaring and diving and crashing solos.

This was a band with range. They could rip out that simple four-piece bass-heavy metal track that would rock your nuts off, and then give you a laid back track Dylan would be proud of and then move onto a complex symphonic piece with chellos and violins.

There’s not much else to say but include a few tracks for you and hope you enjoy them as much as I did. The first track off their first album is undoubtedly their best.

The Sun – Track 01

The Sun -Track 02

The Sun – Track 06

The Sun – Track 08

The Sun – Track 13

The Sun – 20 – Sex Shop

The Sun – 24 – SMF

The Sun – Track 40

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  1. Hendrew says:

    I really liked the first album from the China Dolls and a lot of Kat English songs.The wife likes some of the older Lao songs. (Which I enjoy lietsning to with her but would probably not pick out on my own.)Maybe you can answer a question for me. My wife can’t tell me the name of a singer/band so I can’t find any of their songs. The singer or band leader plays guitar, is fairly tall and thin with long hair, and he always wears a head band in the videos. One of the videos shows the band going across country in a bus and has several fetching young ladies dancing in a farm field. If this sounds familiar let me know who the singer/band is. Thank you.

    • pawz says:

      Always wears a bandana and always does the two finger and thumb “rock on” type salute with his hands ? I think that’s almost certainly the Thai rock star Karabou. He is famous for always wearing his bandana and I imagine he must travel across Laos a lot as well. Funny thing is how I know of him ? The guy in the next room in my apartment building is an old friend of his ! If it’s the same guy you’re talking about, look him up. What an odd coincidence that I happen to know this one singer that I am sure is who you are referring to, because despite having bought literally a bag full of Thai CD’s I only know two bands, Karabou, and The Sun, who if you have time, look them up. They are fucking Brilliant. They remind me so much of both early Metallica and late Metallica, but reversed in terms of career. The Sun went from soft, popular rock, to much more driving metal, and ended up with a sound very much like early David Mustaine era Metallica. Really, really good band.

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