I love feedback :)

When I posted my new website onto IRC yesterday, some people liked it. Some people laughed so hard they said it hurt. One person said “I really don’t think anyone cares about your stupid conversations with your wife. Get a …

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Some stuff I swear I didn’t buy


So on my last day in Vientianne I decided to go looking for some new baggage as I had alotof things just in plastic bags, having run out of suitcase space. Like some other travelers I met, I was directed …

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Tiger Temple, Thailand


[Note: Posted about two weeks later than the event itself] Tom, the Tuk Tuk driver offered to take me some places tomorrow. Now I know that I could have gotten on a bus and done it with 50 other people …

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고양이 새끼 (Korean Kitten)


I bet not many people know what that means. It means “Korean Kitten”, because that’s what I’ve been hanging out with in Bangkok the last couple of days. It’s VERY hard to find an inexpensive hotel or bar or anything …

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Onward to Bangkok

I just woke up and realised I’m supposed to be in Saigon in THREE DAYS ! Holy shit ! Ok, I’m off to find a bus to Surat Thani and then the train to Bangkok. Seeya !

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There ain’t nothing like the kisses from a jaded Chinese princess


At least that’s what Jimmy Barnes says in his famous song, Khe Sanh. Well, I was walking up towards the monorail station when I passed a Chinese girl in a very pretty dress having make-up applied on the side of …

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Stupid jokes

“RIP Kim Jong Il. No doubt one of the most legendary Asians of a generation, seconded only by the small handful who have conquered Takeshi’s Castle.” If you get that joke, and you’re NOT Japanese, then you probably spend far …

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