Accomplishing great things

When you live in a foreign country and don’t speak the local language it can be daunting to accomplish the more difficult tasks in life. Buying food and getting your laundry done isn’t hard, and anything that a typical tourist …

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Nothing changes. Just the price of the beer.

You may have seen my previous article The Old Woman Who Sold Beer on this blog. Well, the story was published this month and it’s wonderful. It’s very slightly different to the version I put online, and it’s sad to …

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Kindergarten Cop

One of my pleasures in life while living in South East Asia is meeting some of the unusual characters who visit or live here themselves. Not only the locals, but also the foreign tourists and the ex-pats. I must admit …

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Great Moments in Teaching #3: Teacher’s Pet

I have a teacher’s pet. No it’s not a student. Well, it COULD be. But definitely not a paying student. It’s a cat. At the nearest school at which I teach, there is a new kitten running around. It’s very …

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Kingyo Chūihō !

Kingyo Chūihō, or “Goldfish Warning” is a fairly long-running shoujo anime that aired throughout the early 90’s with a very silly premise. But that’s nothing to do with this story. Sometimes you’re out and about in Vietnam and you see …

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Kiên Giang, a province in the Mekong Delta

My friend on Facebook just reposted a commercial about watermelon delivery in a small town called Long Xuyên in An Giang province in the southern Mekong area of Vietnam. So I’d like to talk to you about the neighbouring province, …

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The word on the street

Yi and I were watching Slumdog Millionaire last night. I thought she might be able to relate to it more than a Japanese movie since it shows the slums of Mumbai and countryside India. She sometimes thinks that the rest …

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A beachside Valentines Day at Vung Tau

I wasn’t able to come with Yi to her family’s house in the Mekong for Tet. A week earlier we’d been invited out to dinner at a Vietnamese BBQ place by another journalist at one of the publications I write …

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Protected: Starbucks and the globalisation of Vietnam

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Nam and Lynne’s story isn’t over

I wanted to give an update on anyone who has ever followed my stories about Nam and Lynne. I won’t rehash the story for those who don’t. Well, if you read my recent blog post on about them you …

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