I’m fine, thank you – Ladies’ Code


A very sad week for Korea. The new and much loved Kpop group Ladies’ Code suffered a terrible tragedy this week when their tour van crashed into a supporting wall on the highway while returning to Seoul from their tour. …

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Happy Birthday and congratulations, PSY !


I don’t think this photo needs any explanation. I find it hard to believe there is a person on Earth who could not know who this person is right now and why he’s in this photo. He posted on his …

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Is Saigon fun ? You bet it is

Yeah, Saigon is a lot of fun sometimes. It can be wearying and frustrating and a lot of trouble. But when I go to my local bar with my laptop and I DJ and mix tunes, we do have a …

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Oppan Gangnam Style flash mob

There have been some great Oppan Gangnam Style flash mobs around the world from people who have just organised to get together, and dance in the street without warning. I was just involved in such an event… but totally unplanned. …

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Girls’ Generation REPRESENT !

Apparently since there’s nothing the fuck else going on in my life, I’m going to give you a blow-by-blow of what’s happening on TV. After the American shit, VHD finally did something good and did a top 5 Kpop countdown. …

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Poor confused little girl

I did order dinner. Two meals. I thought maybe some delicious food would make me feel better. I ordered a soup and some fried sea bass. I didn’t eat either. The soup was tasty, but despite being sorta hungry I …

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고양이 새끼 (Korean Kitten)


I bet not many people know what that means. It means “Korean Kitten”, because that’s what I’ve been hanging out with in Bangkok the last couple of days. It’s VERY hard to find an inexpensive hotel or bar or anything …

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What’s the difference between “creepy” and “friendly” ? Well, creepy is when you hang out in the Kpop aisle of your local music store in Chinatown and approach all the single girls between 18 and 36 and ask them if …

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OMG The shopping in Kuala Lumpur is killing me !


Don’t yell at me mum, coz I don’t care. And no, I have no idea how I will get all this crap home. But… IT’S SO AWESOME HERE ! They have all my favorite stuff ! You can get whole …

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Kids react to K-pop !

“Kids react” is one of the funniest shows on YouTube. I’ve posted videos of it before on one of my other blogs. But how do kids react to Kpop ? They love it. Well, apart from that one little bastard …

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