Utada Hikaru – a good waifu

We’ve been talking about Kingdom Hearts a lot on #anime recently and so Utada Hikaru has come up. I also brought the topic up with Stefan about one of her videos. The opening song for Kindgdom Hearts on the PS2 …

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Who is this amazing singer ?

One of the CDs I bought at the markets was a collection of Korean Drama theme songs, but there was this one AMAZING song on it that just blew me away and I had to share it. But I’m positive …

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A confession.


It would be wrong, now that Ai-chin is happily married to try and tell her how I felt about her over the years, but now we have some thing in common to be happy about, and I finally decided to …

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OMG The shopping in Kuala Lumpur is killing me !


Don’t yell at me mum, coz I don’t care. And no, I have no idea how I will get all this crap home. But… IT’S SO AWESOME HERE ! They have all my favorite stuff ! You can get whole …

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I’m a creep

No, not me silly. I’m adorable. I’m talking about the Radiohead song “Creep”. It’d probably sound a little bit odd if sung by a girl right ? Well, how about a Japanese girl ? Here’s Angela Aki covering it. Quite …

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