A teacher in Dien Bien’s unusual way of getting his students across a river

This story popped up on Vietnamese news website Tuoi Tre Online. It’s shot in the village of Na HY, Nam Po district, Dien Bien province in Vietnam and shows a very unusual method that a teacher has for getting his …

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How to drive in Saigon


This is not my article. I am using it without permission. It was written by Calvin Godfrey for Thanh Nien News, Saigon. I laughed so hard that I could not fail to steal it. The original is here. If you …

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America is economically superior to Vietnam ? How pray tell ?


Someone this morning said to me “Vietnam may be ok, but America is still at the top of the economic pyramid”. Really ? Let me quote some statistics for you. Percentage of Americans living in poverty in 2011: 15.1% Percentage …

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Crossing the line

I wanted to take a photo of the traffic this morning but I didn’t have my camera. I was coming across the district 5 bridge at 7:30am back into the city, and at the Tran Hung Dao intersection… there was …

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Mad skillz. Vietnamese people haz dem.


You see some amazing things being carried on motorbikes in Vietnam. When I saw THIS outside my house, I just HAD to run back in and get my camera to take a photo. It’s not just that this dude has …

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The weet-bix challenge – Asian style

There is only one thing I enjoy more than seeing westerners trying to do “crazy Asian shit”. And that’s Asians trying to do “crazy western shit”. This is a video by Just Kidding Films. These guys are Vietnamese Americans, and …

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“I kill you” is just normal conversation in Vietnam


Saying “I kill you” in most countries is a death threat. You go to jail for it. But in Vietnam it’s just normal conversation. It means you like the person if you say this. No, really ! Some people see …

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We are close …


Sign in Bui Vien Street this morning: We are close ? Close to what ? Close to opening time ? Close to the post-new year sales ? Is the END close ?

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Maid Cafe ? No. Maid McDonalds !


You’ve heard of Maid Cafes, right ? How about a Maid McDonalds ? No serious. A friend took this photo in Taiwan recently. I bet this makes the shitty food taste a lot better. I sure would eat McDonalds more …

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Ahhhh you have the syphilis !


Language miscommunications are awesome. Some are so frustrating, some are so hilarious, others, when you conquer them, are cause for celebration. I have a few I like which I will publish here. This article will be edited and updated with …

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