Vietnamese people don’t eat apple skins !

This isn’t a big deal but I thought it was amusing. Vietnamese people don’t like eating apple skins. When they want to eat an apple, they peel it. This amuses me because in most western countries we don’t do this. …

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Protected: Starbucks and the globalisation of Vietnam

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Dinner in Saigon

In response to the question “So what do you cook over there in Vietnam ? Rice ?” I thought I’d take a photo of last night’s dinner. Not because it was overly fascinating. I just enjoyed making it. See, I …

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Maid Cafe ? No. Maid McDonalds !

You’ve heard of Maid Cafes, right ? How about a Maid McDonalds ? No serious. A friend took this photo in Taiwan recently. I bet this makes the shitty food taste a lot better. I sure would eat McDonalds more …

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Cultural lesson time ! Eating bánh bao

This food is known as “bánh bao” (pronounced “bun bow”), and it comes in many variations. Bánh bao as I know it is a large mince dumpling with tiny boiled eggs inside. It is not a food of Vietnamese origin …

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Eating out in District 8

I wanted to take my girlfriend to the zoo yesterday. But I wanted her to wear the nice dress I bought her. She didn’t want to wear it because it showed off a little too much. It had large open …

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Enjoying every sandwich

When I first tried Vietnamese sandwiches… or rather salad rolls, because the word “sandwich” actually doesn’t even have a Vietnamese equivalent, I didn’t really like them. They had an odd selection of greens in them that made me feel like …

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Pet Asian peeve #837: Unecessary condiments in instant noodles

This might seem like an odd gripe but it’s one that sort of annoys me. I like instant noodles. When I live in Australia I rarely eat them because that Maggi bullshit is the most tasteless crap on the planet. …

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Korean Noms

I wrote an article about Korean snacks. While it’s not a travel story, it is of cultural relevance to being Asia so here’s the link:

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A Tim Tam by any other name would taste so sweet

Are you Australian ? Yes ? Then you love Tim Tams right ? You like plain ones, or one of the specially flavoured ones, or else you love sucking your coffee through them. But good ol’ Arnotts Tim Tams are …

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