DB Restaurant, Cong Quynh, Sai Gon


After going out to my regular cheap meal haunts, ok, I lie, I’ve eaten every single meal in Saigon this week at Lam Cafe, I decided to try something different. I walked up to Cong Quynh in the hot sun …

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FastNood – Noodles and rice made your way


David and Yi’s Food Revue It’s hard for me to get take-away for me and my Vietnamese wife together. There’s a lot of things that we each don’t like. I love udon or ramen soup, but I hate phở. She …

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Chuck’s Burgers, the hangover saviour


So, last night I had promised myself I wouldn’t get too drunk. I have to start a new job this afternoon teaching computer skills to young kids at a charity school, and even if it’s just a volunteer thing and …

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Spicing up dinner with social cooking classes at Sassy Kitchen


Like many expats who come to Vietnam for a new life, Riccha Arora had a different profession as an IT consultant, but following her passion led her to spend more time doing what she loves which is sharing her interest …

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Umami, the oft-maligned fifth taste sensation


Human taste buds evolved with the ability to detect five distinct tastes. Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Umami. But what is umami ? Umami comes from the two Japanese words “umai”, meaning “delicious” and “mi”, meaning “taste”. It has long …

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Captain Luong and the dog meat restaurant


Every day without fail, Luong goes to the same street bar as me to drink beer. I’ve seen him there for as long as I’ve been living in Saigon. He’s 56 years old and he works as a security guard …

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Chả lụa – Vietnamese Sausage


Chả lụa, or Vietnamese sausage, is traditionally made of pork, potato starch, pepper and garlic. The pork is pounded until it is a thick paste when a little nước mắm (fish sauce) is added. The mixture is then wrapped in …

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My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard


I have to try and be conscious of cultural differences when I’m teaching. There are some times when young kids will freak out if they think they see an iPhone in my pocket and they get all excited because it’s …

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Prawn Crackers


Do you eat prawn crackers ? You probably get these when you go to a Chinese restaurant but they’re a lot of fun to cook at home because they come as tiny hard pieces and when you drop them in …

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Snacking in Saigon


When you’re at home in bed, browsing Facebook and listening to Kpop (what, you don’t do that ?) you might get hungry and crave a snack. Do you reach for a packet of Doritos and some Twinkies ? No. I …

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