Florentijn Hofman’s giant inflatable duck comes to Saigon


So, this month, Florentijn Hofman’s “art project”, the giant inflatable duck that tours the world (Asia mostly) baffling people made it to Saigon. It’s come down the coast, with a little time looking quite strange in Da Nang beside their new dragon …

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Pay it forward


You remember that movie from 2000 right ? Where the kid from Sixth Sense did really nice things for people for no reason and created this whole phenomenon of “paying it forward” instead of just “paying it back”.The only thing …

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Kittens to give away !


I know you probably think this is a pointless post and I’m just making it to show off cute cats. I’m not. When I was in Penang in Malaysia and I found some abandoned kittens, I posted on my blog …

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Suki Mae


I mentioned there was a woman up the street who had a little store who wrote cute little inspirational words on small paintings. She wanted 300,000 for a very small picture around 25x25cm, but I thought it was ok. But …

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A day at home


I stayed home today. Not literally. I’ve done that before once this week. I mean I just hung around my block, and went no further than the one adjacent. I got up really late today. Finally catching up on that …

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Mandatory cuteness


You know Asians like cute stuff right ? That’s a good part of the reason I love Asia so much. Because in the western world people are like “I don’t want that thing. It’s pink and has little animals printed …

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Cosplay needs at Lolilatte Shop in Manila


Cosplay’s cool. I love cosplay. I mean, beyond a pair of cat ears and sometimes a tail, I don’t do it. I’m an overweight white guy. We are meant to look at cosplay. Doing cosplay is for the tiny, Asian …

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Bloody Bunny


According to Wikipedia, Bloody Bunny was a character invention launched in Thailand in 2009. Since then, Bloody Bunny, along with many of the companies creation have created huge success and represent a massive range of popular characters. Today was my …

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One last walk through Vientiane’s markets.


I booked my train for tomorrow, so today is my last day in Laos. The evening was warm but not oppressively so, and thousands of people were enjoying the foreshore of the Mekong. It seems odd calling it a foreshore …

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고양이 새끼 (Korean Kitten)


I bet not many people know what that means. It means “Korean Kitten”, because that’s what I’ve been hanging out with in Bangkok the last couple of days. It’s VERY hard to find an inexpensive hotel or bar or anything …

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