Bui Vien – surveillance state ?


A lot has been cleaned up in Pham Ngu Lao in recent times. A concerted effort existed to clear the park of drug abusers and late night criminals and it was noticeable the way shortly afterwards you could walk through …

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I’m fine, thank you – Ladies’ Code


A very sad week for Korea. The new and much loved Kpop group Ladies’ Code suffered a terrible tragedy this week when their tour van crashed into a supporting wall on the highway while returning to Seoul from their tour. …

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Memorial service for murdered Korean girl Eunji Ban today


Today was a hard day for the parents of 22 year old Korean youth exchange participant Eunji Ban today as they attended the memorial service for their murdered daughter in Wickham Park in Brisbane. Eunji was walking to her job …

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Stay strong South East Asia !


After over 10,000 people have been reported dead in The Philippines, typhoon Haiyan continues on to hit the coast of Vietnam this morning. Originally expected to cross around Da Nang and Hue, the typhoon has diverted north and is expected …

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South Korea “accidentally” catches 2350 whales in 2012


I could attempt to rewrite this, but it was so amusingly and well written I am just going to paste it here. It can be read in its original form here on Sankaku Complex. I will say this though. This …

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