How to get a good price when haggling in Asia by dismissing cultural stereotypes

I didn’t grow up in Australia even though I was born there. My parents travelled when I was very young and I actually grew up in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and other such remote places. My fifth birthday …

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Haru Japanese Festival in Saigon

I met a new cosplayer from Saigon recently on Facebook. I met up with her to buy a set of maid ears for a friend’s birthday and she told me to come to the Haru Festival this week to take photos. …

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Where are the musicians ?

There is not much live music in Vietnam. Modern music, that is. Traditional music is everywhere, and there are karaoke events and people perform, but it’s not rock music. I mean, there is a scene… but it’s pretty underground. I’m …

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How to drive in Saigon

This is not my article. I am using it without permission. It was written by Calvin Godfrey for Thanh Nien News, Saigon. I laughed so hard that I could not fail to steal it. The original is here. If you …

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The word on the street

Yi and I were watching Slumdog Millionaire last night. I thought she might be able to relate to it more than a Japanese movie since it shows the slums of Mumbai and countryside India. She sometimes thinks that the rest …

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Protected: Starbucks and the globalisation of Vietnam

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone

Today was Australia Day. I only vaguely remembered because a few days ago I was using a funny nationalist parody of Australians (Straya Day) to justify why it was ok to laugh at cultural stereotypes. At only 9pm on the …

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Maid Cafe ? No. Maid McDonalds !

You’ve heard of Maid Cafes, right ? How about a Maid McDonalds ? No serious. A friend took this photo in Taiwan recently. I bet this makes the shitty food taste a lot better. I sure would eat McDonalds more …

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Filipino New Years Eve superstitions

Filipino people harbour lots of weird superstitious fears about the new year. Here are some of the most interesting. FORTUNE-RELATED SUPERSTITIONS 1. Make as much noise as you can to scare away evil spirits. 2. Turn on all lights so …

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I have a Saigonese accent ? Cool !

You know those moments of realisation where something cultural dawns on you and suddenly it’s really funny ? I am familiar with the difference between accents from north and south Vietnam (not capitalised because they are not separate countries anymore), …

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