A confession.


It would be wrong, now that Ai-chin is happily married to try and tell her how I felt about her over the years, but now we have some thing in common to be happy about, and I finally decided to …

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Laos has great rock music

I don’t have the URLs to type t hem in for you to look up because the titles on screen are written in Laos, but unlike Vietnam which has a predominantly love song genre which dominates everything, and Laos does …

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What’s the difference between “creepy” and “friendly” ? Well, creepy is when you hang out in the Kpop aisle of your local music store in Chinatown and approach all the single girls between 18 and 36 and ask them if …

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OMG The shopping in Kuala Lumpur is killing me !


Don’t yell at me mum, coz I don’t care. And no, I have no idea how I will get all this crap home. But… IT’S SO AWESOME HERE ! They have all my favorite stuff ! You can get whole …

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Kids react to K-pop !

“Kids react” is one of the funniest shows on YouTube. I’ve posted videos of it before on one of my other blogs. But how do kids react to Kpop ? They love it. Well, apart from that one little bastard …

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I’m a creep

No, not me silly. I’m adorable. I’m talking about the Radiohead song “Creep”. It’d probably sound a little bit odd if sung by a girl right ? Well, how about a Japanese girl ? Here’s Angela Aki covering it. Quite …

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Shopping for Kpop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I made a video about a great little (?) store I found on Jalan Sultan (Sultan St) in Chinatown in downtown Kuala Lumpur that sells Asian music (Kpop, Jpop and Cpop especially), Dramas (Heaps of Korean and Japanese), and Asian …

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