Beautiful Vietnamese girl does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in freezing cold Adelaide !

Ok this is for my friend Jenny who said she would do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today. The catch is, she lives in one of the coldest cities in Australia and it’s the middle of winter right now. She did it at 4pm this afternoon so it was only 17.4 degrees but that’s WAY colder than I would want to do this challenge in.


And here it is. Before you watch the video, please remember that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is really about raising funds to cure Motor Neurone Disease and not just seeing pretty girls getting wet ok, so please consider donating. I gave $10 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia so that Jenny didn’t get wet and cold for nothing. And now… you may watch her getting soaked in freezing cold water !

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.28.16 pm

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